Glyukokortikoidy have anti-allergic effect. This effect is due to the effects underlying the anti-inflammatory action: inhibition of the formation factors that increase allergic reactions, decreased exudation, stabilization of lysosomes. Elevated levels of glucocorticoids in the blood leads to a reduction in the number of eosinophils which concentration is usually increased in allergic reactions.     6.Glyukokortikoidy depress both cellular and humoral immunity. They reduce the production of T-lymphocytes to reduce the formation of antibodies reduce immunological surveillance. With chronic administration of glucocorticoids may be involution of the thymus and lymphoid tissue. Attenuation of protective immune responses of a serious side effect of long term treatment with glucocorticoids, since increasing the probability of secondary infection attachment. Furthermore, increasing the danger of the development of tumor process of the depression of immunological surveillance. On the other hand, these effects of glucocorticoids can be considered as active immunosuppressant.    


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